Sullivan Global specializes in getting unique data from remote or developing areas.  We separate our business into three complimentary focus areas:

1. Needs & Opportunities Research

Sullivan’s local survey teams conduct in-depth interviews about emerging topics of interest to local communities in frontier markets.  This includes everything from developing baseline data for broad-based economic analysis as well as specific deep-dives on a given market segment at a specific time and place.


2. IT & Cyber Surveys

Sullivan’s survey teams use the latest best-in-breed commercial software tools to effectively map the digital spectrum in areas of interest around the globe.  This can include user-density analysis to support ‘walkability scores’ for real estate developers to medical facility throughput assessments for World Bank or other multinational human development organizations.


3. Localized Analysis

Sullivan’s local staff conduct deep dives into a variety of topics in consultation with our team of global business and human development experts.  This information can then be harnessed to help people better understand local needs, current opportunities, marketplace potential, and more.